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Notice 公告



Dear beloved Loud Speaker Malaysia K-fans:

Please be informed that all Bao Ka Liao & Big Mouth membership will be discontinued from 1st October 2021 and all members who purchased from January 2020 onwards will be compensated/reimbursed according to its card category as per following: –

Bao Ka Liao & Big Mouth 会员卡将从 2021 年 10 月起正式中止 。所有从 2020 年 1 月起购买会员卡的顾客将根据其卡类别获得补偿:-

Signature Cardholders

RM 180 headcharge cash vouchers + 3 months free Jom K Kakee membership (Total Worth RM 198)

RM 180 人头消费现金券 + 3 个月免费 Jom K Kakee 会员(总价值 RM 198)


Platinum Card Holders

RM 150 headcharge cash vouchers + 3 months free Jom K Kakee membership (Total Worth RM 168)

RM 150 人头消费现金券 + 3 个月免费 Jom K Kakee 会员(总价值 RM 168)


Gold Card Holders

RM 120 headcharge cash vouchers + 3 months free Jom K Kakee membership (Total Worth RM 138)

RM 120 人头消费现金券 + 3 个月免费 Jom K Kakee 会员(总价值 RM 138)

Silver Card Holders

RM 90 headcharge cash vouchers + 3 months free Jom K Kakee membership (Total Worth RM 108)

RM 90 人头消费现金券 + 3 个月免费 Jom K Kakee 会员(总价值 RM 108)

Big Mouth Card Holders

12 months free Jom K Kakee membership (Total Worth RM 38) 

12 个月免费 Jom K Kakee 会员(总价值 RM 38)

Steps for Reimbursement 如何获得补偿?

This reimbursement movement will end on the 31st of December 2021. 

此补偿活动将于2021 年 12 月 31 日结束。


The Headcharge vouchers will be valid until 31st December 2022.

人头消费现金券有效期至 2022 年 12 月 31 日。

Step 步骤 1

Send the code ” Jom K ” to Loud Speaker WhatsApp via (choose 1 请选择其中一种方式):

a. Link to WhatsApp:

b. WhatsApp QR Code:

c. WhatsApp Number:

If both link and QR Code above did not work, please send the code ” Jom K ” to this WhatsApp (+60 12-795 5891).

Step 步骤 2

A webpage link will pop up after you send the code ” Jom K “, please click on the link and login.

Step 步骤 3

Please login with your mobile number as registered in your previous membership. (The system detects your card details from your registered mobile number, please make sure you login with the right one)

If you’re unable to login, please double check your registered mobile number in previous membership or it could simply means you’re not entitled for membership reimbursement.

Step 步骤 4

Fill up your personal details and click ” Submit “.

Step 步骤 5

Your reimbursement process completed. Done!

Step 步骤 6 (若申请不成功)

If your account got registered with no any headcharge cash vouchers and free JOM K Kakee membership, the reasons could be as below:

a. System bug (Please re-login after 10 minutes after registering and check again under “My Vouchers”).

b. You are not entitled for membership reimbursement.

c. Any other valid reasons.

If you’re unable to resolve the above stated issues, please fill up the below details and send us an email via:

Title (What is it about?):

Name (as per IC):

Previous mobile number (if any):

Current mobile number:

Membership No. (Bao Ka Liao / Big Mouth):

Other (if any)

Thank you for your continuous support and we hope the pandemic will be over soon!


Stay Safe! Stay Strong!

Steps for Reimbursement 如何获得补偿? (IN GRAPHIC)

Please ignore the below Step 05 and Step 08 as it has been removed for smoothen registration process.

请无视步骤 05 以及步骤 08。

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