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Membership Promo #HappyNewYear2024 #NowEveryoneCanSing


Roar into 2024: Sing all Year for RM1! Limited Time Offer at Loud Speaker Outlets!

🌟 Let’s make 2024 EPIC! 🚀 For a LIMITED time: 1-year membership for RM1 (NP: RM38) when you check in to any Loud Speaker outlets with regular rates from Jan 2nd to Feb 8th 2024 (Mon to Thu)! 🎉


☑️ Follow @loudspeakerktv on FB, IG, Tiktok, & 小红书 to enjoy!

Ready for FUN? Don’t miss out! 🤩

🎁 NEW customers ONLY! 🚨

*T&C Apply. Not valid on PH & Ph Eves. 🚫

📞 For bookings:

Join the FUN wave! 🌊

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Terms & Conditions

1. This Promotion is available at all Loud Speaker 1.0 Outlet.
2. NEW SIGN UP PROMO is exclusively available to customer that has no prior JOM K Kakee membership.
3. Customer are eligible to purchase this Special Rm1 1-year membership when they meet below condition:
    i) Customer has no prior Jom K Kakee Membership.
    ii) Customer have add-on RM1 on top of the Regular Head Charge.
    iii) Customers must follow @loudspeakerktv on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and 小红书.
4. This Promotion is available on January 2nd 2024 to Febuary 8th 2024.
5. This Membership card promotion is available to be purchase in-store.
6. This NEW SIGN UP PROMO is available Monday to Thursday.
7. This promotion is applicable to Regular Customer.
8. Member benefits are applicable from the next session onwards. Customers cannot used the birthday benefit during the session they used to purchase the RM1 1-year membership card.
9. Member purchase fees are subject to change without prior notice at the point of time of renewal and are strictly not entitled to refund under any force majeure situation.
10. The Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice and in case of disputes, the management reserves the final jurisdiction.

Mask On For Special Rates (Loud Speaker 2.0)

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