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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice

The privacy and personal data policy and practices of Ottotree Sdn Bhd (Loud SpeakerKTV, Loud Speaker) set out in this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice apply to Loud Speaker ktv’s services available under the domain and Loud Speaker Mobile App via any mobile device or computer of any kind. By visiting or using Loud Speaker’s website/Loud SpeakerKTV Mobile App, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice. If you do not agree to such terms and conditions, please do not use or access Loud Speaker’s website/Loud SpeakerKTV Mobile App. 

Loud Speaker’s collection of your personal data is part of its normal operation of Loud Speaker’s services. Loud Speaker KTV has developed this Privacy Policy to inform you about Loud Speaker’s policy and practices on personal data and privacy matters and because Loud Speaker KTV believes that you should know as much as possible about such matters so that you can make informed decisions.


This written notice serves to inform you that your personal data is being processed by or on behalf of Loud Speaker KTV. For the purpose of this written notice, the terms “personal data” and “processing” shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (hereinafter referred to as the “PDPA”).

Description of your personal data

Your personal data processed by Loud Speaker KTV includes:- 

Your personal details (such as name, gender, identification support documents (including NRIC or passport number), date of birth, nationality, country, marital status, occupation, credit card details) and contact details (such as mailing address, e-mail address, and phone numbers);
Check-in transaction details from e-Payment (Loud Speaker’s website/Loud SpeakerKTV Mobile App) and Loud Speaker KTV counter at all Loud Speaker KTV outlets;
Your feedback information gathered from multiple sources such as e-mail, phone, write-in (mail or official feedback form);
Your visit(s) to Loud Speaker’s website/Loud SpeakerKTV Mobile App – name of internet service provider, the website from which you visit Loud Speaker’s website/Loud SpeakerKTV Mobile App, the pages and content which you view, the date and duration of your visit, cookies to track usage patterns, etc from the analytics tools such as Google Analytics and others;
Your personal interests and preferences to help Loud Speaker design the offering of its services;
Recording of your image via CCTV cameras when you visit Loud Speaker KTV;
Information given voluntarily by you during any on-ground promotions or digital activities, tie-ups, contests, etc; and
Your curriculum vitae or resume when you register your interest in having a career in Loud Speaker and/or its relevant subsidiary/subsidiaries.

Purposes for the processing of your personal data

Loud Speaker KTV may process your personal data collected from you or from any of the class of third parties stated in this Privacy Policy, for any one or more of the following purposes (hereinafter referred to as the “Purposes”) :-  .

To verify your identity;

To communicate with you and deliver information that is requested by you to you and/or, in some cases, is targeted to your interests, such as targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications relevant to your use of Loud Speaker’s website/Loud SpeakerKTV Mobile App;

To process any communication you send to Loud Speaker (for example, answering any queries, dealing with any complaints and/or feedbacks);

To notify and/or invite you to events or activities organized by Loud Speaker, its subsidiaries, partners or sponsors;

To notify you about benefits, changes to the features, promotions, alerts, newsletter, updates, promotional materials and special privileges;

To send you festive greetings and newly updated songlists;

To run Loud Speaker KTV’s customer loyalty programmes where applicable;

To establish and better manage any business relationship Loud Speaker may have with you;

To help Loud Speaker monitor and improve its services to you, the service of Loud Speaker KTV, Loud Speaker KTV’s overall service, Loud Speaker KTV’s staff training, Loud Speaker KTV’s quality assurance, Loud Speaker KTV’s customer service teams, Loud Speaker’s website/Loud SpeakerKTV Mobile App and other Loud Speaker related assets;

To conduct marketing activities (for example, market research and surveys);

To maintain records required for auditing, security, claims and/or other legal purposes;

To investigate and resolve any purchasing issues, queries, complaints or other enquiries that you may submit to Loud Speaker regarding Loud Speaker KTV’s products and services through Loud Speaker’s customer service team or on-ground staff;

To investigate, respond to, and/or defend claims made against, or involving Loud Speaker and/or its relevant subsidiaries;

For compliance with and/or any purposes required by any relevant law, directives, guidelines, orders, rules, regulations and requirements of any governmental or statutory authority or administrative or regulatory or supervisory body (including disclosure thereunder); and

Any other purposes relating or incidental to any of the above.

Source of your personal data

Your personal data is collected directly from you when you:-  .

interact and communicate with Loud Speaker KTV and/or its related subsidiaries at any of its events or activities;

Communicate with Loud Speaker KTV (for example when you purchase rooms via Loud Speaker KTV channels, or when you contact Loud Speaker KTV for any enquiries including by getting in touch with Loud Speaker KTV’s customer service through any available Loud Speaker KTV channels);

Register or subscribe for a specific service or publications of Loud Speaker KTV (for example, newsletters or register as a Loud Speaker KTV Website Member);

Participate in any of Loud Speaker KTV’s surveys, polls or other similar vehicles used to improve the content of Loud Speaker KTV’s website/ Loud Speaker KTV Mobile App, or used for Loud Speaker KTV’s marketing purposes;

Enter or participate in any competitions, contests or loyalty programmes organized by Loud Speaker KTV and/or its subsidiaries;

Register your interest and/or request for information through Loud Speaker KTV online portals or other available channels;

Respond to any marketing materials that Loud Speaker KTV sends out;

Visit any of Loud Speaker KTV outlets;

Visit or browse Loud Speaker KTV’s website, Loud Speaker KTV apps and any other Loud Speaker KTV owned platforms;

Lodge a complaint with Loud Speaker KTV; and

Provide feedback to Loud Speaker KTV (for example via Loud Speaker KTV’s website or in hard copy). Other than the personal data obtained from you directly as stated above, Loud Speaker KTV may also obtain your personal data from third parties which Loud Speaker KTV deals with or are connected with you, and from such other sources where you have given your consent for the disclosure of your personal data and/or where otherwise lawfully permitted.

Your rights

You have the following rights in relation to your Personal Data:-  .              
to make a data request in writing to Loud Speaker KTV for information of your personal data that is being processed by or on behalf of Loud Speaker KTV (Section 30(2) of PDPA); 

To correct any of your personal data which is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up-to-date at any time on Loud Speaker KTV’s website by clicking on Profile Updates button after logging into Loud Speaker KTV’s website; and

To limit the processing of your personal data including the personal data relating to other persons who may be identified from your personal data (Section 7(1)(f) of PDPA).

To unsubscribe to our marketing materials and/or correspondence by clicking the unsubscribe link contained in the emails and/or newsletters Loud Speaker KTV sends to you and following the instructions therein

To request for your personal data to be removed from Loud Speaker KTV’s database by writing in to our Customer Service via email –

If you have any request in relation to the abovementioned rights under 7(a) or 7(c) above or any inquiries or complaints in respect of your personal data, please write to our Customer Service via email at Loud Speaker KTV may refuse to comply with your data access request under the circumstances specified in the PDPA and if Loud Speaker KTV does so, Loud Speaker KTV will inform you of its refusal and the reason(s) for its refusal.

Class of third parties to Whom Loud Speaker KTV may disclose your personal data

This is the class of persons to whom Loud Speaker KTV may disclose your personal data:-  .              
Service provider(s) for:-
i.       The management of communications on Loud Speaker KTV’s behalf; 
ii.       The arrangement and conduct of Loud Speaker KTV events, activities and services; 
a.     Any third party or company that Loud Speaker KTV engages or appoints to conduct statistical analysis; 
b.     Lawyers for the enforcement of Loud Speaker KTV’s legal rights; and 
c.     Such other authorities, bodies or parties when required by law.                

Your obligations

 It is obligatory for you to supply Loud Speaker KTV with your personal data and your failure to do so will result in Loud Speaker KTV being unable to process your personal data for any of the Purposes.

You will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is accurate, complete, not misleading and kept up-to-date.    

Security of your personal data

Loud Speaker KTV, when processing your personal data, takes practical steps to protect your personal data from any loss, misuse, modification, unauthorized or accidental access or disclosure, alteration or destruction including but not limited to the use of procedural and technical safeguards such as encryption, “firewalls” and secure socket layers. If you are aware of any security breach, please let us know as soon as possible. However, “perfect security” does not exist on the internet, so Loud Speaker KTV does not give an absolute assurance that your personal data that you provide to Loud Speaker KTV will be secure at all times, and Loud Speaker KTV will not be responsible for any event arising from unauthorised access to or theft of your personal data. Loud Speaker KTV will not be held responsible for events arising from third parties gaining unauthorised access to or third parties’ theft of your personal data.

Retention of your personal data

Loud Speaker KTV will keep your personal data for the duration that is necessary to carry out the purpose for which your personal data was collected and also for the other purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice.

Amendment to this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice

Loud Speaker KTV reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice at any time by posting an amended Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice containing such amendments on Loud Speaker KTV’s website/ Loud Speaker KTV Mobile App or by any other mode Loud Speaker KTV deems suitable.

Users under the age of 12

The Loud Speaker KTV website/ Loud Speaker KTV Mobile App and its related services are not directed at persons under 12 years of age. If you are under 12 years of age, you are required to obtain your parent/guardian’s permission before you provide your personal data to Loud Speaker KTV and/or its related companies.

Inconsistency or conflict

In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the English language version and the Bahasa Malaysia version, the English language version shall prevail.

Others rights

For avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Notice shall limit such other rights of yourself or Loud Speaker KTV under the PDPA.

Links to other websites

en you use a link from Loud Speaker KTV’s website or Loud Speaker KTV’s Mobile App to another third party website, this Privacy Policy is no longer in effect. Once you have used such link, Loud Speaker KTV does not have any control over that other third party website and Loud Speaker KTV cannot and shall not be liable or responsible for the protection and privacy of any personal data which you provided whilst visiting such website(s). Your browsing of and interaction on any other third party website(s) will be subject to that websites’ own rules and policies. Date of last update: 27th February 2017
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